Three things that have made blogging easier


Hello everybody! I have been blogging for just over a year and I have loved having my own little space on the internet 


it takes so much more work than I ever expected! Along the way I have discovered a few things that I just wouldn't be without now. Juggling a part-time job, university and blogging isn't easy, but it can be made easier and more enjoyable. I still regard myself as a beginner and I am still learning but if you are thinking of starting a blog, or have just started one, then definitely take note of these three things!

1. for social media scheduling 

Help for bloggers - Buffer app

This is a recent discovery for me after someone recommended it on a Twitter chat. I have used other schedulers but some of them were difficult to get my head around and others just simply didn't work. 

Buffer makes a blogger's life easy as you can schedule your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc messages for anytime in the future and then you can totally forget about it! Another perk of Buffer is that it has an analytics feature to see which posts worked well. This helps you to plan for the future, what works, what doesn't, how you can improve etc...

2. for photo editing

Help for bloggers - Picmonkey

I am no wizz at photoshop but I still want good quality photo edits for my blog. I have been using Picmonkey for years for simple edits and I really love it. You don't need to create an account, you just go onto the site, upload your photo and you are done in a few minutes. The only content you are restricted from is 'Royale' which you have to pay for. There are so many great features without going this far though!

Blogging is a time-consuming hobby so you want to get some things done as quick as possible. Once you get the hand of Picmonkey you will be able to create perfect photos for your blog posts in minutes. All it takes is a little patience to learn and trial and error to see what style fits with your blog's personality. It is no doubt that great photography is the number one thing that draws me to a blog.

3. Notepad for brainstorming

Help for bloggers: notepad for brainstorming

The third and final thing that has definitely made blogging easier is a simple notepad! This is  a shot of the one on my laptop but sometimes I like to go old school and use a physical notepad and pen (who would have thought? haha)

For too long I had good ideas for blog posts while I was reading magazines or watching TV and just thought to myself 'Oh, I'll remember that!' and I never do! So I thought I would do the smart thing and start making a list, I will then either tick them off or delete them as I work through. Rocket science eh? I also have notes for websites for blog help (like The Wonder Forest), my blogroll and various links and blogger network details.

If you start a list like this it will surprise you how much stress it can lift from your shoulders, I feel much more organised now and even though I have slowed my blogging down whilst I am in final year at university, I know I will have a lot of fresh ideas for when I start up fully again.

And there you have it! Three things that have made my blogging life easier. What do you think? If you have any more ideas feel free to comment or tweet me @thefashionsix 

Did you see my post on how to add a blog comment signature and my list of blog post ideas? This might help if you are lacking some inspiration!

The Fashion Six

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5 Shades of Grey... wishlist edition!


Any excuse to blog a wishlist eh? More than one Grey takes my eye and it takes the form in clothing, obviously! I noticed on the River Island website the sheer amount of slogan tops they have at the moment and the two below are my favourite picks. Remember the highly sought after 'full time fashion blogger' grey jumper that they had before Christmas? Oh I so regret not buying that (even if I would have cringed wearing it out in public!).

Tops from River Island...

Photo of grey wishlist
1 / 2 /

Shoes from Office...

Photo of grey wishlist
1 / 2 / 3

Jackets from Missguided...

Photo of grey wishlist
1 / 2 / 3

Also, how smart are the two grey coats from Missguided? I would be tempted but I'm too preoccupied waiting on Spring to even contemplate hanging yet another coat in my wardrobe! I would willingly take the Michael Kors Selma bag though with no questions. I have it in purple and I love it. I need a structured handbag, one that isn't like Mary Poppins' but still holds a fair bit. My Selma does the job!

Handbags from House Of Fraser...

Photo of grey wishlist
1 / 2 / 3

Accessories from ASOS...

Photo of grey wishlist
1 / 2 / 3

Yet again I have purchased something from my wishlist that I didn't exactly need... I fell in love with the grey roll neck/vest top! My thinking was, black high waisted skinnies, boots (heels for going out) and a simple long gold chain. I actually saw this on a sales assistant in River Island and it definitely sold it to me. I didn't need much persuasion though, grey is one of my favourite colours to wear!

What are your thoughts on my wishlist picks? Are you a big fan of grey? Tweet me @thefashionsix or comment below. I'd love to hear from you!

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The Mac Tag!

Photo of MAC makeup review

How long have you been using Mac?
Hmmm... I've been using MAC products for about 3 years now. I purchased Ruby Woo lipstick and fell in love with the brand and wanted to try out every product!

What was your first Mac Product?
Ruby Woo matte lipstick! I just love it, it's a beautiful bright red with blue undertones that stays on for ages. Some people don't really like it as it is so matte that it literally judders across your lips when you apply it but once you are used to the texture and feel of it, it's fab. 

What is your Favourite Mac product?
And for the 3rd time.. their lipsticks! haha. I am a big lippy lover, it's definitely my favourite piece of makeup. The brighter and bolder, the better!

What is your least favourite Mac Product?
Last year I purchased the Studio Fix foundation and I wasn't too keen to be honest with you! I find the MAC foundations very yellow in tone and it just did not suit my skin at all. I also wasn't too keen on the smell, it is one of the strongest smelling foundations I have ever had! In saying that, it was expensive so the last thing I want is for it to go to waste. I have started mixing it with another liquid foundation to 'use it up' but it actually works really well.

Do you own a pro card?
No?!? I haven't even heard of this! I'm guessing it is something to do with points...

Your Mac foundation shade?
I can't remember the shade of my Studio Fix, I think is was NW20 though. Like I said, their colours are very yellow-y and on the right skin tone they are beautiful as I have saw many a Insta photo where it looks flawless! Unfortunately I just can't pull them off *sadface*

I don't wear much eyeshadow, I'd much rather go for a bold lip and I think looks too much if I wear both! To brighten the eye area I use a matte nude but it isn't Mac. I am howerver on the lookout for a Mac version as my current one is running out.

Rebel and Ruby Woo, in that order! I'm lusting over Velvet Teddy and Girl About Town too <3

I have the 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush and it's perfect for applying concealer or foundation around my eyes and nose. It's by far my favourite makeup brush out of my whole collection.

Nail Lacquer
I have never used MAC polishes!

Bronzing Powder
I haven't used their bronzers. I'm just too in love with my bareMinerals Warmth to change!

Powder Blush
I love my MAC 'Gingerly' as I'm not a big fan of harsh pink blusher. This is a lovely apricot shade and gives a nice natural finish. Before I bought my Mac blush I found it difficult to find a shade that was suitable all year round. Gingerly definitely is! 

Blush Creme
Not a lover of cream blush in general! I bought a Revlon one not so long ago and when I applied it, my liquid foundation just melted off my face on that area! Toxic or what? haha

I have BIG loves for their lipsticks and rant about them often (In a good way haha), they are easily the reason why I keep going back to MAC. if you haven't tried their lipsticks, especially the matte collection, then I highly recommend that you do! One application lasts all day, magic. If you have never tried a Mac lippy then you could start out with Viva Glam V. It is a stunning pinkish-nude with a shimmer through it. It literally suits every skin tone and it is so easy wearing. 

What products do you think Mac are missing.
I can't think! There are lots of MAC products but the problem is trying to get near the stands. The MAC counter is always so busy!

I nominate any fellow beauty bloggers or general MAC obsessors to do this tag!

Have you seen my full Ruby Woo and Rebel lipstick reviews? 

The Fashion Six
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How to Prepare and Paint your Nails

How to prepare and paint your nails

1. Cuticle Tidy Up

I think that this is one of the most important steps when preparing your nails as it makes your overall manicure look better if you have tidied up around your cuticles. I would usually push them back first with a nail tool or an orange stick and then carefully take off any untidy looking bits with a cuticle nipper like the one shown below. Just be careful that you don't damage the nail bed with this though, don't dig it into your nail and always clip away from the nail, not inwards towards your body.

How to prepare and paint your nails

2. File File File!

Secondly, your mani will look so much better if you put time into shaping your nails! The one thing to remember here is to not run the nail file back and forth over the nail, but rather file in one direction only. This will hopefully prevent your nails from splitting. 

You can choose to square off your nails or make them rounded but my preferred nail shape is the 'squoval' Oh yes, a square with rounded edges! I actually think that this shape   makes your nails look longer

How to prepare and paint your nails

3. Buff It Out

The rough edges I mean... Sometimes nails can get a little ridgy, a smooth nail plate definitely improves the look of your manicure. This isn't a harsh buffer block at all and it cost pennys from eBay. That's where I purchase all my nail bits and pieces and its even cheaper again to buy the products in bulk.

Buff very lightly and be careful as to not touch the nail bed. I've done this one too many times, not realised and ended up with a bleeding finger. Oops.

How to prepare and paint your nails

4. Apply a strengthening base coat

This could be somewhat predictable but I just love OPI Nail Envy. It's pricey at £18 but I found that it helped the condition of my nails so much. There is a big 'but' however, this is one of those products that you need to use regular otherwise it won't work. My nails are so soft and they would never grow to this length without this product so I have 'trained' myself to use it before I apply polish!

If you are not a lover of OPI then the Sally Hansen 'Hard As Nails' is also a good shout. At just £4.75 you can try it out without it breaking the bank.

How to prepare and paint your nails

5. Apply your favourite polish!

Make sure that your base coat has dried thoroughly before applying your colour. Then get your colour and apply three thin coats, letting each one dry properly before applying the next. Also, paint one swipe down the right side of the nail, then another down the left side of the nail and finish by painting one last swipe down the middle. This will ensure no lines and keep your mani as smooth as possible!

Once you have applied your colour, apply a fab top coat like the OPI Rapidry or Sally Hansen Mega Shine. I personally love them both and would repurchase both so don't feel like you have to spend wild money on a really expensive top coat! In saying that, if I was to splash out on any product it would be on a good quality top coat is this is the layer that actually protects your nails from chipping. We want to get a week or more out of our manis for all our hard work!

Now this is one that we are ALL guilty of! Who has applied their nail colour in a rush and then ruined it as you scramble to get dressed, make dinner or drive? Me too, and it is so disheartening! haha. Take a night when you know you don't have to do anything and take your time to do your nails properly. This way they will last longer as you have given each coat time to dry thoroughly. 

How to prepare and paint your nails

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'to me, from me' treats this Valentine's Day!

Photo wishlist of Valentines gifts for her

1. Chain front barely there sandals (River Island £50)

I love these a little too much! The barely there sandal was a classic in 2014 and this year River Island has updated the trend by adding a gold chain across the front of the foot. I really like this extra touch and they are instantly more glam. How nice would these be with a pencil skirt? The colour is great, I try to always go for neutral shades as they are easy to mix n' match with things that I already have in my wardrobe. 

2. Real Techniques Bold Metals makeup brushes (Boots £10-£25)

I have been stalking the Boots website since the release of these new Real Techniques brushes! I am trying my best not to get sucked in by them though as let's face it, theres more to a makeup brush than the look of them. I could imagine the full set sitting on my dressing table (heart eyes emoji) but I wouldn't like to add up how much that would be altogether! I have the standard RT brushes and I have happy with them... at the moment haha.

If you prefer the original Real Techniques brushes then I have reviewed a few here

3. Detox Pamper Pack (Boohoo £7)

I like to have a full scale pamper night every now and again with face masks, body scrubs, nail polish etc etc, The works! I came across this little kit on the Boohoo website and thought that it would be a great gift (for yourself) if you do a lot of traveling for example. It is compact and everything you need is in there. Here's whats included...
  • 1 x Cucumber & Aloe Vera Face Mask
  • 1 x Wild Rose Revitalising Eye Pads
  • 1 x Jojoba Creamy, Revitalising Leave-in Hair Mask
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Intensive Foot Cream
Not too bad for £7 huh? Also, have you ever heard of the Radox bath salts muscle soak? It. Is. Everything. I saw in last in Tescos for £1 a box, highly recommended! 

4. Vaseline Rosy Lip Pouch (Superdrug £4)

I always like to top up my lip colour when I'm out but I always forget one thing... a mirror!  This little compact set would be great for your handbag and using on the go. I also like those lipstick holders you get with the mirror in them... the next time I see one of those I am definitely buying! Guess work with a bold lip colour like Rebel just doesn't work very well haha!

5. Blushing Hearts blusher (Makeup Revolution £4.99)

I'm not going to lie, I haven't actually tried these but plenty of bloggers have and any review I have read has been positive! Number one, they look really pretty and they are great if you want to give yourself a little treat that you know you won't be disappointed with. Number two, there are also highlighters and bronzers in the Blushing Hearts collection which I am dying to get my hands on. I have heared that you can buy Makeup Revolution in the larger Superdrug stores so head down there first to see the different shades first hand.

6. Antigua Luxury Fragranced Candle (Next £10)

Next candles (aside from Yankee and Jo Malone obviously) are my ultimate fav. I am currently burning a pear scented one which I got in the Boxing Day sale for £3 and I am mega impressed. I picked out this one as I read the description and really, I mean really wanted to be laying in 30 degree heat somewhere with some coconut water in hand. Next describes the scent of this candle as...

"A tropical fruity aroma that blends mango with sun drenched papaya & fresh pineapple"

COULD THEY TEASE ANY MORE? I'm buying it the next time I'm in town. Freezing cold and frosty weather outside, the Bahamas insides. Yes please.

You can also get this scent in the form of a reed diffuser if you prefer that. I would assume that there would be a stronger fragrance from one of these.

7. Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder (ASOS £26)

Sayings it's Valentines and all that I suppose I'd need to include something a little special. These aren't just normal shaped pearlised beads, they are HEART shaped! Even though this product comes with quite a hefty price tag I would expect that it would last a long time. Highlighter isn't something I would use a lot of as it only takes a swish here and there to brighten up your face for a natural glow. Click here to see the product up close. It's very very cute.

And there you have it! 7 things that would just make my Valentines. Who needs roses and choccys eh? 

The Fashion Six 
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