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So I was watching This Morning the other day and this weekend was apparently the busiest for Heathrow airport EVER with holiday makers travelling everywhere from the Costa Del Sol to New York. There is no better time to write a post like this as Britain goes mad to get away! 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

I have gathered up lots of travel tips over the years as every time I head away I always find myself searching websites and blogs online to find out how to make the journey easier and less stressful. There is nothing worse than that shampoo bottle bursting all over your clothes or getting to the airport and finding out that you have forgot your phone charger, or worse, your passport!

1. Take care of your skin

Getting a healthy glow on holiday is one of the perks of travelling abroad but there is a big difference in a 'healthy' glow and red lobster. Trust me, I have been there and it is  not pretty. It actually just ruins your holiday! 

I have pale skin so I wear factor 30, the only thing that annoys me about suncream is how greasy it feels on your skin and how long it takes to soak in. Last summer I purchased the Garnier Dry Mist sun cream (2 for £11 in Boots) and it honestly saves so much time as I don't have to 'air dry' before putting on my clothes or tankini. After being outside in the heat all day your skin can begin to feel rather tight, the Garnier aloe vera after sun is so cooling and refreshing to put on all over your body after a shower. This is one that I definitely wouldn't be without, I use it a moisturiser all year round as I love the smell of it.

 Not forgetting your face, I find a light toner and moisturiser like the ones from Simple great on holiday to get rid of that 'tight' feeling. The toner brightens my skin before applying my nighttime makeup and I apply the moisturiser before bed to prevent peeling. I am a bit paranoid about bugs and insects so I would usually throw a bottle of insect repellent in there too just to be safe. Although I haven't travelled anywhere with lots of mosquitoes for a good while, thank goodness!

 Us Brits just aren't used to the sun and the humid heat so it is worth investing some time and money into finding the right holiday skincare that works for you. I repurchase this mix of products every year before I go away. 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

2. Pack effectively

Now this sounds simple but it actually takes so much practice to get your packing just right! I am always so scared of my shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser bottles bursting in my case and going all over my clothes. This is a tip that I read online only a few weeks ago, wrap cling film over the top of the bottle and even if it does leak your clothes won't get ruined. For my holiday this year I will do this and put all my bottles into a plastic bag, just to be sure!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

Rolling your clothes, not folding them, is the best way to save space in your suitcase and to pack more efficiently. Honestly just try it, you'll be surprised just how much more you can fit in, and that can only be a good thing, right? You can definitely find space for that other pair of wedges! Rolling also prevents wrinkles and creases which is also a big win as I can never ever see myself standing ironing clothes in the hotel room before going out. Just no, never. There is more chance of seeing pigs fly.

Top Holiday Travel Tips

3. Hand luggage essentials

All too often I have spent all my time packing my hold suitcase and I have totally forgotten about my hand luggage. This obviously isn't ideal as the majority of your 'important stuff' is in your hand luggage, i.e., phone, travel documents and medication. I have started to leave everything out the night before ready to organise into my bag first thing. Put your holiday money in a practical purse with a zip and tell your bank when you will be away so they authorise your credit cards for abroad. Check and double check your hold bag and remember all small liquids should be in a clear plastic bag. Most airlines also only permit one of these per passenger.

Also don't forget any of the fun stuff to keep yourself occupied on your travels. I would get bored so easily and I could have a magazine looked through in 2 minutes flat! I was in London a few weeks ago and in my handbag I had my iPad, phone, a few magazines and a travel game. That kept me occupied for the hour, I have no idea how people do these super long-haul flights to Oz and the likes! I'd love to go there but the travelling is a major put off, boo!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

4. Make a checklist & don't forget the things you usually forget!

I usually charge my phone to 100% before I leave which means I disconnect the phone and leave the house with the charger still in the wall. It's zero banter having no battery after two days let me tell you! Plasters and blister patches are a must if you are planning on doing some walking. I take this Party Feet pack with me every time I go away just in case those new wedges rub the heel off me! Carex hand sanitiser is great for carrying in your bag the whole time you are away and they are small enough to be allowed through security. You never know where you might end up and I don't fancy eating that baguette after being out all day with no soap!

There are numerous holiday checklists online that you can find with a simple Google search (or click the link), print these out or make a mental note and tick things off as you go along. Easy peasy. 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

5. Holiday-proof your makeup

When I go abroad I usually find that liquid foundation just doesn't work on my skin. It makes my face feel oily and it is just too heavy to wear in the humid heat. My favourite makeup to wear abroad is the bareMinerals READY foundation, it is a powder which is light and mattifying. This teamed with the bareMinerals Prime Time primer ensures that my makeup lasts all day!

If you would rather, a BB cream would be a great choice if you wanted something with light and dewy coverage. I only like to wear a little bit of makeup when I am away, a quick dusting of bronzer, blusher and a swipe of a mascara wand does me fine. Don't feel like you have to take your whole make up bag with you, scale it down to just a few essential products to save yourself any hassle. The less you take the better as I have opened my case many a time to find a smashed MAC blusher!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

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The Fashion Six 

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FASHION // New Look Oversized Blazer

New Look oversized blazer

One thing I am la la la loving is a good oversized blazer. You reallyyy need to be in the mood for wearing a fitted one as they can be so restricting and half the time I feel like ripping it clean off my back because of this. This is definitely the solution as it is so comfortable to wear and goes with most things.

One thing I needed this season was a good jacket/coat that wasn't too heavy and one that I could throw on top of anything. I went rummaging in my wardrobe before I bought anything and came across this. It is New Look's finest and it's a great colour as I nearly always wear dark navy blue jeans and the contrasting lapel matches perfectly. Another thing I like about this is the length of it. I have plenty of shorter, fitted blazers but none of this style. There's a first for everything!

New Look oversized blazer

So here comes the bombshell, remember I said earlier that I felt like ripping a fitted blazer off my back? Well, I bent down in work to pick up boxes and yes you certainly guessed it.


Why is it when you get something you love it either shrinks in the wash, you loose it or you do something outright stooopid and rip it to pieces? So obviously feel like crying in the corner now.

On the upside, I'm hoping that New Look has a new version of this for S/S '15 because I will certainly be buying it and making use of my last few months of having student discount. All is not that bad, I just like to exaggerate.

New Look oversized blazer

I must of course mention my little Louis, I purchased this in Monte Carlo three years ago as a treat to myself (never ending!) It is the Damier Azur leather Speedy 25 which is surprisingly roomy even though it is visibly smaller than the Speedy 30. I thought it would make a good evening bag as a clutch is too small to hold all my belongings, to be honest I have got a lot of wear out of it! If you are thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing your first Louis I highly recommend this, or the slightly bigger version (which isn't much more expensive) as it just never dates, loving the classics over here!

Thank you for reading, must dash!

What do you think of this River Island peplum jacket? Or possible this coral summer dress is more your thing?

The Fashion Six 

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#WeBlogSummer // Summer Holidays - Lake Garda, Italy

Wowza, it's week 2 of #WeBlogSummer already, so not liking how fast the weeks are going in but anyway, this week on the blog it's all about those summer holidays that us Brits crave. I'm a lover of the sun even though I don't take to it too well (think lobster) so I look forward to jumping on that plane every year to jet off somewhere nice. Last year I visited Lake Garda, Italy. Let's do some reminiscing with a few photos, promise I won't bore you with a lengthy photo-heavy post! These are just some of my favourite snaps from the week.

Lake Garda Italy

I love the little quaint shops you find along the cobbled streets on holiday. Not that I would buy much because of the pesky luggage weight limit but still very pretty to look at (and to take photos of).

Lake Garda Italy

The mountains along the river itself were so picturesque and there were any amount of little cafes to sit and enjoy the view. It really was like paradise and I took my nifty Cannon to try and take a few good photos, of course it didn't do the place justice!

Lake Garda Italy

Lake Garda Italy

Lavender... so much lavender...

Hugo Spritz and Aperol Spritz

One thing that I noticed when I was in Italy is that nearly everyone had one of these in their hand before or after their meal. The Hugo or Aperol spritz is a refreshing alcoholic drink and I was actually  addicted to them the whole time I was there! I'm not a big alcohol lover but this is very light so it made a nice change to the usual sparkling water and ice. 

Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet Verona Italy

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? 

Check out Juliet's balcony and the love locks. Verona was a beautiful and historic city! Perfect for a geek like me!

And after writing that I am more than ready to jet off again, this year I have booked to go to Nice, France which is by far my favourite place on EARTH. I really love travelling, I just wish I could go more often and have the guts to travel further, maybe some day!

Where are your favourite holiday destinations? Tweet me @thefashionsix I'd love to know!

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The Fashion Six 
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Life lately // #WeBlogSummer Blogger Collaboration

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Good day all!

Sophia of My Life Through The Eyes Of The Web put a call on Twitter on the lookout for bloggers to take part in a collaboration and of course I jumped in with two feet! I'm always up for a challenge and my internet is co-operating again, woo! (For the meantime).

We are all coming together to hit publish on our #WeBlogSummer posts at 7pm every Monday (GMT) and yes, you guessed it. Every week we will be bringing you summer related posts from photography to our top travel destinations. Are you excited? I sure am!

I am really hoping that this is a success and who knows, if this project works well we may do another. Blogging life is better when you are in it together.

So for this first instalment of #WeBlogSummer I have had a think about five things I am excited for this summer...

1. Having a relaxing break before I start full-time work in September 

Yes, I have just graduated and I have a full three months off before I get into the 'real world'. I'm going to try and enjoy my last summer to myself as much as I can! Days out, road trips, you name it and I'm there. Just having some free time is such a gift.

2. Going on Holiday

Of course this was going to be on the list, I like to go to Nice in the south of France without fail every year. Sunshine, beaches, shopping and good food come at me.

3. My Blog The Fashion Six & #WeBlogSummer

I love having my own little space on the internet and I am excited about this collaboration with Sophia and all the other bloggers. I have been writing my blog for a year and a half and the only regret I have it not starting it sooner. Who knows where it could lead to? As cheesy as it sounds, aim high!

4. BBQs, lots and lots of BBQs

No seriously, I could eat them until they are coming out of my ears! The best place is beside the seaside with the sun shining but that's hard to come by these days...

5. My Birthday

I am 22 going on 52 sometimes but I am going to put a stop to that. No more grumpy face when I turn a year older. Beside, it's an excuse to go to a restaurant and eat all you want without getting judged (Sirloin, tobacco onions, grilled tomato, fat chips. I'll also have a cheesecake for dessert please) Surely that's worth it? 

That's all for today! If you want to find out more about the collaboration then please tweet me here or Sophia here. We would love to hear from you.

The Fashion Six 
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Mid-week Mini Highstreet Wishlist

A photo of a summer highstreet wishlist

2. Grey Lace Bralet / £15

Just sitting here thinking I really must do more than just blog about things I want. How bad is that? It is just so difficult to resist though when the stuff on the high street is this good at the moment! 

A girly theme dominates the blog today with muted tones and pastels. Lace is a big thing for me this summer and so are these fluffy 70's platforms that Missguided keep spoiling us with.  I'd team the two with a pencil skirt and a pastel leather jacket for the colder evenings. I am loving the new colours that are popping up for leather jackets instead of the usual black. Check out that River Island one with faux fur collar, how gorgeous? If I owned that it would never be off my back!

The weekend bag with the Parisian vibe really got me thinking of ma hols. I just want to go NOW. I was thinking about purchasing a bag like this but as nice as it looks, it would be so impractical for hogging about from bus to bus, airport to airport in the (hopefully) 30 degree heat. I'll stick to my 5 year old grey number with wheels, one of which is wonky. Winning. 

The Fashion Six 
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An Old Favourite - Lypsyl Lip Balm

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Lypsyl lip balm review

I change almost every skincare product depending on the time of year. For example, I would set aside my thicker facial creams that tend to be more greasy for a lighter moisturiser in summer. However, there is one skincare product that I use all year round and that is a good quality lip balm. I have been on the hunt for one that soothes dry chapped lips in the winter and protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays in summer. A good all-rounder. 

Due to it's oily consistency, I am not a lover of Vaseline and write this with about 8 unopened pots in my drawer (All received as part of presents!). I find that the oily/greasy texture doesn't really moisturise my lips and so I tried out other lip balms that were more 'solid', something like bees wax.

The kind people at Lypsyl sent me this little trio last week to try out and I can honestly say that they have worked wonders on my lips in that hot, humid weather! At £1.50 a pop, Lypsyl lip balms are cheaper than other 'top' brands. At that price, why wouldn't we give it a go? I especially like how the product comes in a screw up tube, I'm a bit of germ freak when it comes to using your finger to put lip balm from a pot!

Lypsyl lip balm review

The flavours in the trio are strawberry polka dot, cherry blossom and original. My favourite out of the three is the original flavour as I love the fresh scent of aloe vera, I actually used the strawberry one in my early teens at school and when I opened the packet it was a bit like deja vu! I love it when something takes you back in time. I have no idea why I swapped Lypsyl for it's more expensive counterparts though, I guess it kind of disappeared from the shelves? Either that or I overlooked it for some strange reason because I did like it when I used it all those years ago. 

The cherry Blossom and Strawberry flavours are tinted however, I didn't notice much colour on my lips after I applied the product. This doesn't bother me as I would rather a normal, non-tinted lip balm! If you are looking for a balm that soothes and hydrates lips, lasts well and is great value for money, stick to the original Lypsyl! It will certainly be making its way into my holiday beauty case, that SPF 15 could come in handy in the 30 degree heat...

Lypsyl is available in the larger supermarkets like Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco or you can purchase packs of three on Amazon

The Fashion Six 
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London Calling // Experiencing the city life

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Being from a 'town' where only tractors, sheep and general quietness is common we thought it would be a good idea to push the boat out and actually get on a plane to somewhere a bit more exciting. I am just back from a trip to London and it is safe to say that I have been left with sore feet with extensive walking, a sore neck from my Olympus PEN swinging and an overwhelming wanderlust! Be prepared for a load of photographs (Instagram worthy I hope) of sights, more importantly food, and a running commentary of quite possibly one of my favourite places in the world. 

Take one, when in London you have to take as many photographs of the red buses, black taxis, red underground signs and red telephone boxes as possible. Here's a few that I captured! 

A photo of the London Underground and red bus

The iconic red telephone box with Tiffany & Co in the background! Those gems were WOW, if anyone would like to send me some feel free to drop me an e-mail haha! In all seriousness though I really loved the relaxed feel of Bond Street. It made a nice change window shopping and not pushing through crowds! 

A photo of Bond Street London

We didn't make our way onto the London Eye as the very look of the height of it made me feel a bit sick! 

A photo of the London Eye

Instead we decide to live the high life for a day (literally) and have tea at the 32nd floor of The Shard to enjoy the London views! The building has 90-something floors and my ears were popping a third of the way up. I think that's enough for me! Check this out for a latte, even the waitresses were uniformed in Ted Baker so we were expecting big things! This little trip was one of my highlights. If you ever find yourself in London, set time aside for afternoon tea in The Shard!

(Hold on while I sieve through 53475 photos of coffee...)

et voila!

Afternoon tea at The Shard London

A photo of Afternoon Tea at The Shard

A photo of a coffee latte

Tower Bridge looks like something on a lego board that you could just pick up and place elsewhere...

A photo of Tower Bridge from The Shard

And no trip to London is complete without a spree around Oxford Street! We spent the entire day shopping and as the day went on, my the bags got heavier and my purse got lighter. Just how I like it! 

(p.s. Behold, the sha-mazing ZARA)

Shopping in London Oxford Street

& oh my WORD could Accessorize get any cuter at the moment? The colours are stunning, the bags say 'Bonjour' on them and yes, those are pineapples on the flip flops. WHAT ELSE COULD YOU WANT? I have a gift card for Monsoon/Accessorize which could be spend in 2 seconds flat.

Accessorize London Oxford Street

I think that will do me for today as I have a feeling this post is mega photo-heavy! I do have some more photos to share (HARRODS!) which will be featured in a later blog post, hurrayyy.

What trips have you got planned this year? Comment below or tweet me @thefashionsix

The Fashion Six 
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Accessorize 2015 Summer Sale Top Picks!

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Accessorize is one of my all time favourite shops, not only because I could buy everything but they also do a darn good sale. Some items left nearing the end are sometimes reduced by 70%. We don't even need a reason to justify a few purchases!

 I had a snoop around their website this morning and came across these 6 items that may have been added to shopping cart! The Stud Earrings are an essential in my eyes as the colour combination will go with most things in my wardrobe. I almost had them bought full price, thank goodness I waited a few weeks!

Secondly, I love everything with french splashed all over it so how cool is this 'Bonjour' clutch bag? (You can also get it in a mega-sized beach bag version). I can't see me getting much use out of them though so I might have to resist temptation! The Chanel-esque pumps are another matter though, it would probably be difficult to find anything that these WON'T go with.

Accessorize 2015 Summer Sale Top Picks

Betty Bow Wallet // Was £15 NOW £7.50
5X Ruchi Shapes Stud Earrings // Was £12 NOW £6
Tile print Trousers // Was £27 NOW £19
Katia Kimono // Was £39 NOW £27
Bonjour Beaded Zip Top Clutch Bag // Was £29 NOW £14.50
Colour Block Toe Cap Pumps (Very Chanel!) // Was £22 NOW £11

Head on over to to grab some summer sale bargains before they are all picked over. before I leave you, here is a snap of some Accessorize merchandising in their London store! How fabulous are those colours? They make me think of my upcoming holidays even though it is dull and grey outside!

Accessorize 2015 Summer Sale Top Picks

The Fashion Six 
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