Luxemme Limited Edition Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out Dress

An LBD is something that should be in everybody's wardrobe for that night when you just have nothing else to wear (keeping in mind that you still have clothes hanging there with the tags still intact. Yes we are all guilty...) The lovely people at Luxemme got in contact and gifted me with this, 'the Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out dress'

Luxemme Limited Edition Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out Dress

The first thing that drew me to this LBD was the upper half. I don't like low cut tops or dresses so I like how this has a halter style to it with huge cut outs at the shoulders. As far as that goes, it's quite different to anything that I have saw on the high-street lately. I was actually surprised at the material of this dress, from looking on the website I thought it was a bodycon or 'scuba' material but it isn't, it definitely isn't 'skin tight' which is good if you are a little conscious of tight clothing.

Luxemme Limited Edition Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out Dress

I have honestly never heared of Luxemme before but they are certainly a brand to watch. I love how they are so blogger friendly and show photos of 'real' people wearing their clothes. (Check out their 'spotted' gallery here). Another thing that I like is the 'countdown' in the form of ' ONLY 10 LEFT' etc. Really though, who wants to miss out? Not me! It's great for keeping your eye on what's popular and what is getting snapped up quick!

This dress is part of the Limited Edition range, if you do prefer something that is lower cut with the same should cut outs then you should definitely check out the Wyatt Crepe Plunge dress. If soft and floaty fabrics are more your thing, have a look at the Elodie Crepe Cape dress. This reminds me of cape blazers, something that I really want but haven't found the perfect one just yet!

Luxemme Limited Edition Cecile Bardot Twist Cut Out Dress
Et voila, the full outfit! With an LBD I just love gold accessories but I'm thinking that a red stiletto would also look amazing. If you wanted to go all out just imagine how a Loubie shoe would look, patent black with shiny red sole. Yum.

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Christian Louboutin Bianca (140mm) Fit Guide & Review READY

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review

There are many words I can use to describe Louboutin's 'Bianca' style but I think pure perfection is the most fitting! 140mm with added platform and patent leather goodness!

I went to Dublin for a shopping day last year and the first stop was Brown Thomas; straight to the Louboutin concession! I had always loved the Bianca style and I had it in my head that I was going to get them because it was near my birthday and I really wanted them for my graduation. 

So I asked to try on a size 6 (39) and held my breath to see if the sales assistant would come out of the store with a box in her hand. I had heard that it is near impossible to get your hands on Bianca and with 6 being a popular size I honestly thought I had no chance! Anyway, I put them on and oh my goodness it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! They felt snug on my feet but I felt I couldn't go a size bigger because my feet are so narrow and I'd just walk out of them. I was also assured that the leather would stretch with wear, even though they are patent. I was happy enough with that and I handed over my earned cash with the biggest grin on my face!

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review

So I went home and of course the first thing I did was unbox them for another peak. The only thing was, I put them on again and they didn't feel right. The leather cut into my toes at the front so I put on some socks (glamorous) to try and soften the leather a bit. No word of a lie, within 10 minutes of my feet being in the shoes I had two blisters, one on each foot where the leather had been rubbing!

With that I was totally gutted as it was really rather painful! I wear a lot of heels and let's be honest ladies, comfort and 140mm heel height just don't go together in one sentence. I thought I would be able to handle it but I could have cried with the pain. After much debate in my own head I just had to return them.

I still absolutely adore these shoes and even though I couldn't stick 10 minutes in them it would not put me off Louboutin. Everyone is different and possibly another style would fit me better, it's all about trial and error with these shoes.

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review

3 points to consider if you are thinking of buying Bianca...

1. Do your homework

I had read so many reviews online about this style and to be honest, they were all different! The majority of them said that Bianca are true to size, even the official website recommends you get your normal shoe size. However, the 'almond' shape toe box squashed my toes so if I was to try these on again I would ask for a 6 1/2 or even a 7 to see the difference. If you struggle with narrow feet like me a heel grip at the back of the shoe would even help keep them on to just give you that extra bit of space at the front.

2. Consider the heel height

Now let's be honest, it takes skill to walk in a 140mm shoe! In saying that, the platform at the front helps a lot. I also tried on So Kate which was 120mm and it felt so much higher than Bianca simply because they don't have a platform. I can't see them on the website now but I am almost sure that you can get Bianca in a 120mm heel with a platform, that would put a lot less pressure on the arch of your foot if you can't wear higher heels.

3. Which leather?

Bianca comes in nude or black patent and normal leather (I'm pretty sure once upon a time you could get them in other colours like navy and maroon). It is simply down to taste and preference but I much prefer the patent leather. However, with a pro comes a con and like I said above, the patent leather is stunning but oh my it is so stiff and rigid. If you wore them about the house in socks (without the leather cutting into you!) I'm sure the leather would soften up. I can't say by ho much though, the sales assistant said that agent leather does stretch, but NOT as much as normal leather.

Christian Louboutin Bianca fit guide and review

3 points to consider before you buy your first pair of Louboutins!

1. It is no doubt that this is a special purchase so do your research, think long and hard about what style would suit you and take a look in your wardrobe so you pick a pair that goes with the majority of your outfits. Some people prefer the classic black with the red sole (me me me!) some love the lighter nude shades and others go all out and go for a colour (I don't even care that they have hot pink So Kate's with a red sole, Louboutin are allowed to colour clash!).

2. Shop within your budget, you don't need to pay upwards of £600 for a pair of stunning Christian Louboutins. This season there are many styles for around £425 like So Kate (my 2nd favourite style), Dorissima and Simple Pump.

3. Be sure before you buy! I was so lucky that the concession offered refunds as part of their returns policy as I have heard that some stores or concessions do not (for whatever reason). If you are unsure, try on the pair you have your eye on in store and them order them online as you can be sure you can return them that way if need be. 

Check out the Louboutin website by clicking here. I am also in need of one of their lipsticks, Rouge Louboutin is my favourite but they come with a hefty £60 price tag. But sure, if you have the shoes, you might as well have the Louboutin red lips to match and the packaging is a work of art in its own right! haha.

I also came across this style guide on Pinterest which may be helpful...

Christian Louboutin Style Guide

Thanks for reading!

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Belfast Fashion Week / Highstreet Heaven

Belfast Fashion Week High Street Heaven

Hi there!

So Friday past I was just in my element at the Highstreet Heaven show of Belfast Fashion Week! I went to this last year so it was a no brainer that I would be snapping up tickets ASAP this year again. Brands that took to the catwalk are as follows:

Remus Uomo
Boux Avenue (Opening soon in Victoria Square Belfast!)
Diamond Dolls
George at ASDA
Savida at Dunnes Stores
CastleCourt (selection)

A fab line up don't you think? You always have in your head which stores you think will showcase the best of the best and my top two were Warehouse and Oasis. Don't get me wrong, they had some fab styles but as far as I could see, M&S and Savida at Dunnes Stores were in a league of their own! So much so that I found myself in M&S the next day and bought the most beautiful pair of modern monochrome straight leg trousers. The quality is definitely top notch and I'm so glad to see M&S upping their game, fashion-wise.

Take a peak at the rest of my photos...

Belfast Fashion Week High Street Heaven

Belfast Fashion Week High Street Heaven
Dress by Diamond Dolls
Belfast Fashion Week High Street Heaven

Belfast Fashion Week High Street Heaven

Belfast Fashion Week Highstreet Heaven

Belfast Fashion Week Highstreet Heaven

Belfast Fashion Week High Street Heaven

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Autumn / Fall Makeup Look | Bronze Smokey Eye

How am I only getting round to writing this up now? Having major organisational issues right about now! 

This look is from my graduation back in July but I had thoughts about posting it round this time of year. It's very autumnal don't you think? I am just after watching one of Zoella's makeup tutorials and she has used very similar colours for her makeup look which has inspired to get typing. 

Autumn / Fall Makeup Look | Bronze Smokey Eye

First of all, I can't take credit for this as I actually got it done by a MUA, there's no way I could pull this one off in one attempt! It also relieved a lot of stress in the morning so I could focus on walking in my heels without falling on the stage. That's the real fear, never mind wonky eyeliner! 

I do believe that all the colours in the eyeshadow are from the MAC palettes, how gorgeous is the rusty orange shade in the inner corners? After having this done I have been very tempted to invest in one of their palettes. They are so expensive but my excuse is that they will last ages. On another note, there is always the Urban Decay Smokey palette option. Hmm, decisions...

As for the foundation, it's a good helping of Studio Fix. I am actually quite surprised about this, firstly because I actually own this foundation and I am not (I thought) a fan. So naturally when the MUA took to my face with it on the makeup brush I had a mini heart palpitation! However, whether it was the moisturiser I had used that morning, the primer she used or the way she blended into my face it turned out that I actually loved the shade AND the coverage. This was so surprising as I always thought Studio Fix had a yellow hue to it and that it was as thick as wallpaper paste. It just shows what can be done if you actually know what you're doing!

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Look
Imperfections and all! Who needs photoshop...
Also, I don't think I've ever had 'brows like that in my entire life! I believe the saying nowadays is 'on point'? I'm so down with the kids. 
To be honest with you, this is my brows toned down, a lot! The MUA had painted them on so fierce I didn't recognise myself! They were of course a work of art but for the occasion I had to politely ask her to kind of.. re-do them, oops! 

On to the lippy, any guesses as to what it is? It starts with V and ends in Y and I'm gonna' buy it the next time I'm at my nearest MAC counter...

VELVET TEDDY! isn't it a beaut? It stayed on all day too but I did carry around my Viva Glam as I thought I would need regular touch ups, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised at the staying power!

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Look

In short, this was one of those looks that you just didn't want to take the Simple wipe to! If I could have slept in it without ruining it I would have seriously considered haha! 

I learned a good few things about makeup that day though, for example, you do your eye makeup FIRST and foundation after, how to apply highlighter and the correct way to use a lip liner. I'm not adventurous when it comes to makeup at all, I wear the same look most days and I could possibly do it with my eyes shut now. Sitting to get this done and watching everyone else get theirs done let me see what colours complimented each other so I might be more adventurous in the future. I'd love to be brave and do a few more makeup looks for my blog!

Make sure and check out the make up artist's other looks my clicking here, they are all brilliant. She has done Katie Price's and Lauren Goodger's, if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!

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The Boho Trend / Crochet, Fringing, Paisley & Muted Tones

Now this is a trend I really want to try out myself.

I noticed that there was a lot of new bohemian style clothing on the highstreet this summer from paisley print palazzo pants to soft oversized knits, lace and cream crochet. The highstreet seems to be a mix between boho and 70's at the moment (which I am not jumping to try!) and it's all I see in the latest magazines. Here is what Pinterest has to show if you search for boho style. Just gorgeous!

A photo of the boho trend
Source: Pinterest
Pinterest makes me well-jel at the best of times as I come across people with the most perfect home decor with quirky details, funky crafts and unconventional organisation tips (ahem, Gh0stparties.) but it definitely reaches a whole new level if I search for anything fashion-related!

Now I am well aware that it is now Autumn and if I was to go out in something like this people may think that Halloween fancy dress has come a few weeks early. However, there is bound to be some pieces to be had on the highstreet at the moment that will carry you right into winter. I must get into town for a look but that's not easy when you have a full time job (feeling sorry for myself), this is why I 'shop' on Pinterest instead! It's better for my bank balance but not my head, trust me.

How beautiful is that pure white crochet dress to the far left? Not to mention the headpiece in the middle photo. I actually purchased one of these from New Look a few months ago with the good intention of wearing it on holiday. However, I couldn't actually work out how to get it on my head, good start eh? I should have watched a few Youtube tutorials beforehand I think...

What do you think of the boho look? Does it take a person with a certain style to pull it off? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @thefashionsix

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