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Wearall coral summer dress

Good morning everyone! I just have quick update for you all today, I just had to show you this dress! I love coral in the summer so I can't wait to get wearing this when the weather picks up (hopefully!)  This is from which I have become obsessed with recently. I always find myself browsing their website as their clothing is so affordable. They have some gorgeous dresses, some less than £15. You heard it first here!

I was drawn to this dress because of the colour as in the natural light it makes me look a little less pale, well I think (hope) it does! I also quite like the style of the dress at the top, a high neck is my thing but could you imagine the tan (or red) lines if I was to wear this on holiday? Haha, I must remember to get the factor 30 on to prevent myself looking like a zebra. 

Secondly, I know I have platforms on here but looking back I think it would be nice with a pair of sandals and a fringed kimono to keep the chill off the shoulders, that's more stuff added to the wishlist! 

Wearall coral summer dress

Don't forget to give Wearall aa visit and I will be talking to you soon! Make sure and tweet me your thoughts @thefashionsix. I'd love to hear from you.

The Fashion Six 
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Real Techniques Nic's Picks 5 piece brush set review

Real Techniques Nic's Pick 5 piece brush Set review

Just what I needed, another set of makeup brushes! I saw this this little Real Techniques Limited Edition 5 piece brush set in Gordon's Chemist for £19.99 (originally £29.99) and I just can't resist a good bargain. I have been debating the 'Bold Metals' collection since they were released but these look similar and the price was far more appealing. My thinking is, if I test these babies out and I love them then I will definitely invest in some of the Bold Metals collection! After all, a good makeup brush last for ages right?

So what brushes are included in the set?

1. Real Techniques duo-fiber face brush

This is basically just a larger version of my MAC 187 Duo Fibre face brush so I knew it would be a winner before I ever tried it out as I really LOVE my MAC brush! Even my best brushes can leave foundation brush strokes on my face but these stippling brushes blend them right in and create a smooth and flawless finish. I literally wouldn't be without this, it is an essential for liquid foundations. It is especially good around the nose and eyes to prevent the product from sinking into the 'cracks' sounds lovely but you know what I mean!

2. Real Techniques cheek brush

I already own the own the normal Real Techniques blush brush and I love to use it for blush so I think I will use this one for cheek contouring. I usually find that contouring with a smaller brush can result in harsh lines that aren't easily blended as the product is so concentrated. This brush seems like a good size for quick contouring to avoid any unsightly dark lines! Aside from that, this brush seems to be very similar to the Expert face brush, only a bit bigger in size. So I suppose I could also use this one for foundation if I wanted to. I love how Real Techniques brushes can be multi-purpose. In fact, I have so many brushes that I use in a different way rather than how they were intended! 

3. Real Techniques base shadow brush

I suppose you can't really go wrong with this one, a simple brush that can effortlessly apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid. I like to use a light mate shade just under my brow bone and in the corners of each eye to reflect light and to cover dark shadows which can make me look so tired at times! I will 100% use this brush for this as my current eyeshadow brush is N07 and it has definitely had its day! 

4. Real Techniques angled shadow brush

This beauty is exclusive to the set and I think it will be good to use when I want to create a smokey eye look. The angled head of the brush will make it easy for me to apply a dark eyeshadow colour into the crease of the eye socket like below! the bristles are quite tightly packed in this brush so that will create a really intense look with a highly pigmented colour. perfect for creating a look for going out at night!


5. Real Techniques eyeliner brush

This little brush is also an exclusive! All I can think of is how great would this be to create a cat-eye with some winged gel eyeliner? The line is so harsh and with a bit of scotch tape just think of the amazing look you could create. Ahh, can't cope! Aside from that, I like to apply some colour not only on my eyelids but also along the lash line. I find that this opens the eye up and it just results in a more 'finished' look. 

To summarise...


  • The price. FIVE Real Techniques brushes for £19.99 at Gordon's Chemist  You really can't be bad to that. The set is available to purchased on the Boots website but you'll have to fork out £29.99 there. In saying that, you could always treat yourself with your Boots Advantage points and they won't cost you a penny!
  • The duo-fibre and eyeliner brushers in particular are AMAZING.
  • You get two exclusive brushes that you can't purchase anywhere else.
  • How good do they look? I'm not going to lie, part of me just likes nice things to sit on my dressing table! these fit the bill 100%.
  • I can't help but feel like they are a bit..... cheap? (GASP) What I mean is, they definitely don't have the same weight in them as the original brushes that you buy separately. 
  • The three smaller brushes can be kind of hard to hold and keep steady as they are so thin. It won't stop me from using them though, i'll just get used to it!

The Fashion Six 

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Latest Outfit: Wearall, River Island & Primark

Wearall, River Island and Primark outfit review

Wearall, River Island and Primark outfit review
Wearall, River Island and Primark outfit review
Wearall, River Island and Primark outfit review

Hey everyone! Gosh I have been so busy lately. Between final year university work, actual work (snore) and general life things, it hasn't been easy keeping a blog as well! I have three more weeks to do until I never have to look at an assignment again in my LIFE. How amazing does this sound? I can almost feel it, let's celebrate with an outfit post!

That lovely weather has me feeling all summery, in which case it was time to get the lily white legs out in this Wearall asymmetric black skirt. I purchased a skirt very similar to this last year from Boohoo but it was very long and I was forever tripping over it on holiday. This one is a great length and a great price at £11. It will be finding it's way into my suitcase this August for sure as it'll go with everything and it's super comfortable for walking about in that great French weather. 

A dark skirt calls for a bright top and what better than this River Island beauty? This lime green crop top is actually from last season but I am sure they have the same one this year in lilac. I have tried to look for it on their website but I can't find it, maybe that's a good thing as i'd only end up buying it. 

As for the necklace, I think it looks like an Accessorize number? What do you think? For £8 you can't go too far wrong with good old Primarni! haha. My tan wedges were a rare TK Maxx find... Michael Kors.. £50! I'll say no more, but I haven't bagged a bargain like that since. It literally just is luck with that shop whether you come across that gem or not.

If you haven't heard of I highly recommend you check out their site. It's bargain central! Of course I love the old favs like River Island and Toppers but it is always good to check out some other brands to find something a little bit different. Wearall has a 'celebrity style' section on their website so you can steal more of Miss Jenner's style, other than just her nude lip! Happy Shopping.

The Fashion Six

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Spring 2015 Wishlist - Pastels

A photo of a Spring 2015 wishlist

Dahlia Linen Look Scarf (£19 Accessorize)
'Birthday Cake' Statement Necklace (£19.99 Hugo Sophia)
Lamb Design Socks (£3 (or 3 for 2) Marks and Spencer)
Satin And Lace Blouse (£40 Warehouse)


It's official. Even though it is really hard to tell, Spring is well and truly here (apparently) so what else would I be doing other than writing a Spring 2015 wishlist?! I can't even tell you how tired I am of the dark winter colours, I mean, I love my MAC Rebel, fur collars and knee-length boots but a little shimmery coral lipstick, vest top and flip flops would be nice for a change. Am I actually saying that? I'm a changed person. 

Nothing says Spring more than pastels. That is the first thing I jump into as soon as the sun decides to show it's face! First of all, how darn cute are those feathery barely there sandals from Boohoo? To be honest with you, I have had some bad experiences with Boohoo and I found a lot of their things were bad quality but these are so pretty I would contemplate giving them a 6th chance! 

As for the statement necklace, it's just beautiful isn't it? I follow Hugo Sophia boutique on Instagram and I just can't get enough of their statement pieces. They all look so well made and they are so inexpensive, no one wants to break the bank! 

Onto homeware and Next tops the list yet again. I just wish I could have my house looking like a Next Home showroom. They do the most beautiful cushions and general decoration-type things. How cute are these birdcage wall stickers? They even had an Eiffel Tower at one point too. I always maintained that if I had any wall space, I would have to have these just for something that little bit different.

What are you lusting after this Spring? Are you as into your pastels as I am? I went to my local Primark the other day and I picked up some great pieces! They are well and truly embracing the pastels trend. Haul post to follow!

The Fashion Six
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Three things that have made blogging easier


Hello everybody! I have been blogging for just over a year and I have loved having my own little space on the internet 


it takes so much more work than I ever expected! Along the way I have discovered a few things that I just wouldn't be without now. Juggling a part-time job, university and blogging isn't easy, but it can be made easier and more enjoyable. I still regard myself as a beginner and I am still learning but if you are thinking of starting a blog, or have just started one, then definitely take note of these three things!

1. for social media scheduling 

Help for bloggers - Buffer app

This is a recent discovery for me after someone recommended it on a Twitter chat. I have used other schedulers but some of them were difficult to get my head around and others just simply didn't work. 

Buffer makes a blogger's life easy as you can schedule your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc messages for anytime in the future and then you can totally forget about it! Another perk of Buffer is that it has an analytics feature to see which posts worked well. This helps you to plan for the future, what works, what doesn't, how you can improve etc...

2. for photo editing

Help for bloggers - Picmonkey

I am no wizz at photoshop but I still want good quality photo edits for my blog. I have been using Picmonkey for years for simple edits and I really love it. You don't need to create an account, you just go onto the site, upload your photo and you are done in a few minutes. The only content you are restricted from is 'Royale' which you have to pay for. There are so many great features without going this far though!

Blogging is a time-consuming hobby so you want to get some things done as quick as possible. Once you get the hand of Picmonkey you will be able to create perfect photos for your blog posts in minutes. All it takes is a little patience to learn and trial and error to see what style fits with your blog's personality. It is no doubt that great photography is the number one thing that draws me to a blog.

3. Notepad for brainstorming

Help for bloggers: notepad for brainstorming

The third and final thing that has definitely made blogging easier is a simple notepad! This is  a shot of the one on my laptop but sometimes I like to go old school and use a physical notepad and pen (who would have thought? haha)

For too long I had good ideas for blog posts while I was reading magazines or watching TV and just thought to myself 'Oh, I'll remember that!' and I never do! So I thought I would do the smart thing and start making a list, I will then either tick them off or delete them as I work through. Rocket science eh? I also have notes for websites for blog help (like The Wonder Forest), my blogroll and various links and blogger network details.

If you start a list like this it will surprise you how much stress it can lift from your shoulders, I feel much more organised now and even though I have slowed my blogging down whilst I am in final year at university, I know I will have a lot of fresh ideas for when I start up fully again.

And there you have it! Three things that have made my blogging life easier. What do you think? If you have any more ideas feel free to comment or tweet me @thefashionsix 

Did you see my post on how to add a blog comment signature and my list of blog post ideas? This might help if you are lacking some inspiration!

The Fashion Six

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