Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Real Techniques Makeup brush review

The original three!

Like almost every beauty blogger out there, I am a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes. Before I invested in these I used Model's own brushes which felt very.... synthetic and plastic-y, that's the only way I can describe them! It's no joke, they were horrid and it soon dawned on me that no matter how much money you spend on the product, you won't get the look you are aiming for unless you invest in good brushes too.

Like I said, these are the first three Real Techniques brushes I got my hands on. I have since purchased more which I haven't had the heart to 'dirty' yet! They look so clean and soft... please tell me I'm not the only one who's like this? I promise I will bring myself to use them soon haha!

Number 1 is the foundation brush and if I am being honest, I found that this brush was far better used for concealer rather than foundation. The problem I have with it is the shape of the bristles, they are quite flat and in an angular shape so if I used it to apply liquid foundation it created stroke marks on my face. Not a good look at all. Like I said though, the shape of the head is great for applying concealer around my nose and chin. It is however a bit big to use around the eyes, I use a separate bareMinerals concealer brush for that!

Number 2 is the expert face brush and I am oh so glad that I decided to invest in this one! I have noticed in Youtube tutorials and blog posts that some people use this brush for contouring. I can see why it would be good for this as the bristles are tightly packed which gives you more control over where you put the colour. I however use the expert face brush for my liquid foundation! I pop some product on the brush and 'buff' it into my skin to create a "pixel perfect finish" (so RT says...) If you are thinking of investing in a good brush for your liquid foundation I definitely recommend you purchase this over their actual foundation brush. 

Number 3 is the blush brush... If I'm being honest I wasn't sure about this at the beginning due to the huge head. I thought that it would be better for bronzer or to apply a finishing powder! Unlike the previous two brushes, I thought that I have to use at least ONE of these brushes for the purpose in which it was made, haha. I use it to apply my all time favourite blush, MAC powder blush in 'gingerly'. The bristles are so soft and aren't as tightly packed which gives control over the amount of product that is applied. As we all know, bright pink cheeks should be left where they belong, in the 80s!

1) Real Techniques Foundation Brush 

(All £9.99 from Boots)

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The Lipstick Tag!

The lipstick tag

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
I own 9! I think that is quite reserved actually! I'm not very experimental when it comes to lipstick colours. My first bold lipstick was Mac's Ruby Woo and I only purchased it last year. That was the first time I branched out from the standard translucent lipglosses! This summer I definitley want to be more daring though, Mac's 'Girl About Town' is one that I really want to try. I'll have to be brave to wear pink! 

2. What was your first ever lipstick?
Goodness I don't think my first lipstick was even a recognised brand! haha. I mean I probably got one of those little makeup sets that Santa got from Claires. Oh yes, amazing. 

3. What is your favourite lipstick brand?
This is a BIG toss up between Revlon and MAC. If I was to go on price then I would choose Revlon as it is obviously more affordable and Boots thinks about my purse every now and again and puts on 3 for 2 offers, haha. If I was to go on staying power then it would 100% have to be MAC, the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks aren't bad but MAC definitely wins this one. For pigment it is literally one or the other. I will continue buying both brands!

MAC Ruby Woo and Rebel Lipsticks

4. What is your most worn lipstick(s)?
Hmmm.. this is a hard one because out of 9 different options there isn't many that aren't worn! My two favourites are Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede in 'Couture' and MAC's 'Rebel'. Bluey Reds and deep purples are my favourite.

5. What is your favourite finish of lipstick?
Definitely matte. I literally went from sheer gloss to bold matte lips overnight! haha. It is so easy wearing and it stays on so well. Also, if I want a shimmer then all I have to do is apply some gloss over the top. The best of both worlds!

Revlon Lip Butter

6. Last lipstick you bought?
The last lipstick I bought was my MAC Rebel and I just adore it. My ultimate favourite lipstick hands down.

7. How many lip products do you have in your bag?
I tend to carry two lip products with me, a lipstick and a lip balm. There's no need for me to go overboard as there is nothing worse with having a handbag like Mary Poppins! I like to top up my lipstick through the day and if my lips are feeling dry and chapped then there is nothing better than Carmex lip pot to help soften them up. I previously used Vaseline but the oily texture did nothing for my chapped lips, it was only after this that someone told me that oil based lip products aren't actually moisturising and they can't soak into your skin. From then on I always went for Carmex! 

Carmex lip balm review

8. What is your favourite red?
Yet again, Ruby Woo is going to get a mention here! In saying that, If I owned MAC Red or Russian Red I have a feeling that I'd like them a little bit more. They are a classic red whereas as Ruby Woo is fairly bright.

9. How do you store your lipsticks?
I store my lipsticks in an acrylic organiser that I got from TK MAXX for £9.99. I love these as you can see exactly what you have (and what you need!) but cleaning them is such a bother sometimes!

Acrylic makeup organiser

10. Currently lusting after?
All the beauty blogger hyping has made me fall in love with Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks! The only thing is, if I had either of the two I would NEVER wear them for fear of ruining them, haha! I mean, why oh why would you want to rub off that little 'TF' logo? haha. I have also heard many great reviews about Nars, the brand isn't easy to get your hands on where I live so someday I'l search it up and buy something online! 

11. What was your most expensive lipstick?
The most expensive lipstick that I own is Dior Addict at a whopping £24. It is a light pinkish shade that enhances my natural lip colour. What I like about it is that it is very moisturising but I have to admit the staying power isn't as great as some of the cheaper drugstore brands. I have bought this lipstick twice and I think after spending £48 I'll move on! Not that there is anything wrong with it, I just fancy a change. Illamasqua along with Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury have been calling my name for a while now...

Dior Addict lipstick review

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Lush Mint Tulips Lip Scrub Review

Lush mint tulips lip scrub review
Lush mint tulips lip scrub review

This is probably one you have read 100 times over but it's impossible to get bored reading LUSH reviews right? Let me enjoy this moment because this is the only Lush skincare product I have (huge sad face!) This is primarily due to the fact that there isn't a Lush in my town and the nearest one is in the city which is about 30 miles away. (cries!)

This is the second time I have purchased Mint Tulips Lip Scrub by Lush Cosmetics as I reallyyyy like it, like REALLY like it! So much so that I need to refrain from eating it! haha. This lip scrub is very coarse in texture, therefore it's very exfoliating. As winter just seems to be getting worse, I'm thinking that this little product will help prevent sore chapped lips as it gently buffs away dry skin and the minty peppermint leaves a long lasting cooling effect on the lips.

At £5.50 I think it's reasonably priced, I've read a few reviews online and a lot of people have said that it's a bit overpriced and that they could make something similar at home for less. To be honest I wouldn't even try this as I'm handless and would make a mess! It wouldn't turn out half as good as the Lush version anyway... In Lush's defence, it's a good sized pot and lasts ages. It's definitely one of those products that I carry with me in my handbag at all times!

Aside from the lip scrub, I adore their fresh face masks! I have purchased the Brazened Honey one twice as it claims to help with breakouts. As my skin would be prone to breakouts, especially around the T-zone, this is a major claim to make. I can honestly say though that my skin has never felt cleaner after using a facial product. I would use the Montagne Jeunesse face masks (as seen in my top 5 beauty buys post) whenever I haven't got the fresh one from Lush, but when you are craving a relaxing night in nothing else will do! Click on the image below to read the full review of the Brazened honey face mask.

LUSH Brazened Honey Face Mask Review

What are your favourite Lush products? I'd love to try more!

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My Handbag Emergency Kit!

My handbag emergency kit

Everyone has one of these kits right? I'm one of those freak-ishly organised people who puts something away in SUCH a safe place that even I forget where it is! So instead of fumbling in my bucket-sized handbag looking for all these bits and pieces I keep them all in one little zipped bag. Handy huh?

1) Hairbrush

My hair has got so long recently that whenever I go outside and walk into a gust of wind it gets all tangled and tatty in a second. I always carry this little hairbrush with me as it saves space in my handbag but I would love this Andrew Barton gel grip brush which I think would be really good for adding body to my hair whilst styling. That's something every girl wants!

2) Makeup brush

Throughout the day my makeup becomes oily on my face, particularly on my T-zone, but I am able to keep on top of the most of it by using a good non-greasy moisturiser, a high quality primer and finishing powder. I find that a quick swipe of a makeup brush quickly fixes the shiny patches with no effort at all!

3&4) Hair ties and bobby pins

In relation to point 1, sometimes the hairbrush just doesn't do it for me at all and I just need to get my hair out of the way! With two hair ties and a few bobby pins I am able to put my hair up in a quick bun. The best bobby pins I have ever purchased are the Goody ColourCollection stay put bobby pins. My hair is so soft that normal pins just slip out, these work a treat if your hair is the same!

5) Olbas inhaler

A breath of fresh hair for little over £1.50! I can't breathe through my nose as it is but this helps a bit when you are feeling a big congested. 

6&7) Party feet & plasters

I've decided to put these two together as they are both a MUST when your feet are aching from wearing the highest of heels! Skint heels and toes are so painful as I'm sure you know and it really ruins your night when your feet are really uncomfortable! The things we put ourselves through eh? 

8) Cotton buds

Sometimes my concealer would fill the lines around my eyes, nose and mouth during the day, I find that a cotton bud is perfect for blending these in. I also like to use a cotton bud to blend in my lipstick around my lip line when I don't want it to be harsh. Sometimes a blurred lip colour is far easier to wear.

9) Paracetamol

Because no one likes a headache when you have important things to be doing, such as shopping!

What do you have in your handbag emergency kit? have I missed anything?

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MAC Rebel Lipstick Review

MAC Rebel lipstick review

Well, isn't this just the most perfect lipstick shade ever?! I'm one of those people who likes to change their makeup according to the time of year, in the Spring/Summer I love reds and peaches but in the Autumn/Winter I can afford to go darker, for a more vampy style of makeup. My first thought was Heroine but after some research and reading some MAC reviews I chose Rebel and I'm oh so glad I did! 

Like my Ruby Woo, Rebel is blue based so it makes your teeth look whiter. I am sometimes quite paranoid about my teeth so this helps a lot! Also, rebel is very pigmented but you can choose the colour depth by loading up the layers. A light application with a lip brush makes the lipstick look raspberry on the lips but the more you layer it on it can look like an entirely different colour. A heavy application can make the lipstick look like a deep purple which is absolutely perfect for a night out. it is so striking.

MAC has made this with a 'satin' finish, this is matte-ish with a bit of a sheen. Ruby Woo was my first matte lipstick and it was so matte that it actually juddered across my lips when I applied it! Rebel is far easier to apply in fact that it is smoother and once it has settled on my lips it actually looks matte. I always purchase matte as I find it stays on far far better than shimmer or gloss.

MAC Rebel lipstick review

I do however have some reservations about Rebel... firstly, it is most definitely difficult to apply and it is not a lipstick that you can put on 5 minutes before rushing out the front door! I really need to take my time and use a brush and cotton bud to apply it perfectly. In saying that, once its on it doesn't budge all night. There is nothing worse than having a lipstick that needs to be re-applied every hour.

Secondly, no matter what cleanser, wipe or lotion I use, when it comes the time for me to take off my makeup it completely stains my lips, everytime! This doesn't bother me too much to be honest, it just shows how well it stays on, and thats what you look for in a lippy... right? haha!

MAC Rebel lipstick review

What MAC lipsticks are your favourite? I'm forever looking for shades that will suit me!

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