London Calling // Harrods Department Store, Knightsbridge

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Hey errrybody! I hope you enjoyed my first post about my trip to London wayyy back here so I'm back today with a second instalment of photos! Not going to lie, looking at these is making me feel rather down as I want to go back so badly! 

First things first, you can't go to London and not go to Harrods even if it is just for a nosy about the huge food hall and gift shop. I have been numerous times before but each time I see it I am blown away. The millions of pounds worth in that department store is colossal and the most surprising thing is, there are people who shop in Harrods like I shop on the high street like money grows on trees!

All is not bad though, I didn't came out empty handed. I came out swinging my Harrods carrier bag proudly after splashing out on two packets of biscuits at around £5 pounds per pack... I feel ripped off!

Harrods Department Store London

Just in case you aren't sure, Harrods is situated on the Brompton Road in Knightsbridge and the underground stop is directly outside to make it even easier for you to spend your money on branded biscuits at a fiver per pack. See, you can't say you haven't learnt anything new today!

Harrods Department Store London

We also let our inner children out and headed to the third floor which was TOY KINGDOM. I feel for any parent who takes their child up there because there is no way they would be leaving empty handed. We thought we would draw the line and get a frozen yoghurt instead at Yoomoo! Natural frozen yoghurt, raspberries and pomegranate seeds. Simply de-lightful and highly recommend as a little treat which is too naughty (given that you choose fruit toppings and not double choice sprinkles). 

Yoomoo Toy Kingdom Harrods London

Et Voila, the Dior concession! Well, I couldn't not have a nosy around this, I'm loving the patent nude top handle bag at the top right, so classy.

A photo of Dior handbags

At this stage I do apologise for the photo heavy post but I'm sure a few more won't hurt...

Laduree Paris Macaroons

Macaroons in Harrods London
Oh la la, some more macaroons!

Flower stand in Harrods department store
These were so beautiful in real life...

Last but not least just LOOK at this crystal encrusted Mercedes which was parked outside the store *shocked face emoji* I bet someone likes cruising around London in that, talk about standing out!
Diamond encrusted Mercedes car

Don't forget to check out part 1 of my London trip here

See ya'll soon for another shiny new post!

The Fashion Six 
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10 Summer Beauty Essentials // WeBlogSummer

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Wow I can't believe it is nearing the end of the #WeBlogSummer collaboration ALREADY! This is actually a good ole' favourites post, sure we all love one of those? As we are nearing the end of summer (cries) I thought it would be very fitting to do a write of my top 10 (YES 10!) beauty products this summer. Because well, I just send all my money on so much in Boots it should be relatively easy to pick out 10. I am usually brand loyal so a lot of these are re-purchases, I hope you like what you see!

1. bareMinerals READY foundation

bareMinerals READY foundation review

bareMinerals READY foundation review

This foundation is a powder but before you click off just hear me out. What if I told you that this 'powder' was just a good, if not better coverage than my favourite liquid foundation? Now I have you listening! I was roped into bareMinerals by QVC when I roamed their website and watched numerous tutorial videos, I honestly haven't looked back! I apply the READY foundation with the Full Flawless Face Brush which makes the product easily buildable. With a good primer it lasts and looks flawless all day AND it is au natural, which my skin totally agrees with. Hello to clear skin and no more breakouts due to blocked pores. I am currently waiting on £100 worth of bareMinerals to be delivered to my door, cannot even express my excitement right now! Totally loving this brand.

2. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge review

Yes I know this isn't the original beauty blender but for a fraction of the price I think it does a sweet job. I use it to apply my liquid foundation (usually Revlon Colorstay or MAC Studio Fix) and I am pleased with the results every time. I like the slightly pointed side for getting the product in and around your nose, eyes and mouth. I give this 9/10 simply because I would like it a bit bigger but thats minor, try it out!

3. Simple Soothing Facial Toner

Soothing Simple Facial Toner review

I'm just cheating now as Simple is one of those brands I have used since I was at school, so this is just a repurchase! It would be a shame to not include it though as Simple is one of the only brands that doesn't sting my face, I'm telling you, very sensitive skin is no joke! I know that the micellar water is big in the beauty world at the moment and I have read countless reviews online about it but this is one of the products that you just don't want to change from. I use a cotton pad to swipe it all over my face after taking off my makeup and it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. definitely one to pick up on your next Boots haul!

4. LUSH Mint Tulips Lip Scrub

LUSH Mint Tulips Lip Scrub review

My word this is good, just try to not eat it all. Mint chocolate, what else needs to be said? mmmm...

5. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter review

Is it a lipstick, is it a lipgloss? I have no idea but it's so good! I am so used to wearing bold matte lipsticks like MAC Ruby Woo or Rebel but they are just too heavy looking for the summer months. On the other hand, I am not a fan of lipgloss as I don't like the sticky feeling and I don't feel like it lasts long. The Revlon Lip Butter range is a great in between, this is shade 'peach parfait' which is a shimmery pinky coral. Great for sweeping on when you are in a rush and highly moisturising without it being sticky. Love love love these. 

6. Carmex Lip Balm

Carmex Lip Balm review

To be honest, I don't know anyone who doesn't love Carmex. I have purchased their original lip balm for a while now but I have also tried out their cuticle balm which just as good. I wouldn't go near Vaseline, want to know why? Check out this post, you might just be put off it too, for life.

7. Palmer's Coca Butter Hand Balm

Palmer's Coca Butter Hand Balm review

Now, I'm not a huge fan of thick hand creams simply because I seem to always be in a rush and I need to grab my handbag, keys or phone just after I have applied it. A simple solution to this issue is to apply it at night before bed that way it has time to soak in and I don't need to re-apply it throughout the day. This Coca Butter Formula by Palmers is more like a balm, that's how thick it is! It is intensely moisturising and doesn't have any faux scents lingering from it, the more natural the better in my opinion! My only reservation about this is the fact that the tube isn't very big and I go through hand cream like nobody's business. However, I don't feel as bad when I buy it on offer!

8. LUSH Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

LUSH Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask review

Oh I just love a good face mask! Have you tried the Montagne Jeunesse packet face masks? You can buy them in most supermarkets and pharmacy's for around 99p. Cheap as chips eh?   However, the LUSH fresh face masks are by FAR by favourite when you fancy a treat. You keep these in the fridge and they last about 6 applications for around £6, that's £1 per application (what a genius I am!), which works out pretty good value. I just love the cooling sensation and I swear by them when it comes to giving your face a deep clean to prevent blocked pores and blockades. Pick one up the next time you are in Lush and you won't be disappointed, promise!

9. Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Gel

Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun review

I have a real thing for cooling body lotions and gels, I'm not joking when I say that I apply this all year round simply because I love the refreshing scent of aloe vera. What better way to get it than in an after sun? Place this in the fridge and apply it all over whenever you need a pick-me-up. 

10. Natural Collection White Eyeliner

Natural Collection White Eyeliner review

This was a tip that I read on interest a while ago, apply a line of white eyeliner to the lower water line to make your eyes appear brighter and less tired. My daily struggle is with my eyes, yes they are big but I also have dark circles which can make me look like I've been punched if I'm not careful! This little beauty changed by makeup routine for only £1.99, I notice a vast difference and simply wouldn't be without it now. I tried white eyeliners from other brands such as Rimmel but it turns out you don't always get what you pay for. natural Collection is the best as far as this goes!

What beauty products have you been loving lately? Comment below or tweet me @thefashionsix

The Fashion Six 
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Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm Review

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Good morning!

Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm Review

Gosh, I have had so much going on lately as I try to pack everything in before starting full time work in a few weeks. I totally forgot to write up this product that Australian Bodycare kindly gifted to me, but here we are, better slightly late than never!

The Any Time balm is multi-purpose. Not going to lie, I was both intrigued and excited to try this out as I haven't tried many multi-use products. The first thing that popped into my head was that if the product was good, it would be great to take on holiday in an attempt to scale down my beauty bag. This would be great as I can't stand taking lots of bottles, tubs plus everything else in my suitcase!

Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm Review

The Any Time balm is to soothe dry, chapped skin, lips, cuticles and nails. I have also read online that a few people have used it on mosquito bites to take out the itch. Being pale, I usually get a mozzy bite or two when I travel so I will 100% be trying this out on them if and when I do get bit. 
When I am on holiday my skin always feels very dry and tight simply because I'm not used to the humid heat! I would rub the balm in any dry patches on skin when I begin to feel it irritating me, i.e. round heels, elbow and ankles. Soft, moisturised skin also provides a great base for applying fake tan, darker brown patches aren't very attractive!

I have started to get gel nails on every few weeks and although I love them and they enhance the overall look of my hands, they aren't the best things to have on your nails! My cuticles would become dry and quite untidy. For a few days there I applied the Any Time balm to my cuticles at night to see how they look din the morning. I am looking at them now and I can honestly say that my cuticles are moisturised and my mani just looks better and well maintained. 

Now I have to be honest, I tried the balm on dry skin, nails and cuticles but I didn't have it in me to put it on my lips. I LOVE the smell of tea tree, I mean, I would go as far to say it is one of my favourite scents but the products smells so strong I wouldn't fancy it being so close to my nose for any amount of time! If you have this and have tried it on your lips let me know what you think. It would be a difficult task tearing me away from Carmex though!

For the kind of product that it is, you only need a tiny little bit for it to work wonders and I was surprised to see the size of the tub. You get 30ml of product so I can see it lasting ages and I mean AGES. I have been trying this out for two weeks constantly and it hardly looks used at all!

Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm Review

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised with this product that you can use 'any time' and anywhere. I would be quite picky when it comes to skincare but I can see myself using this until it is well and truly finished, it might even make an empties post! I also wouldn't mind trying out some other products by Australian Bodycare, this was my first time with the brand and I might have a look on their websites to see what else they have to offer.

 If you aren't sure you can purchase the Any Time balm from QVC for £14 and if you aren't sure you can always make use of their 30 day money back guarantee. I have also done a little Google search and from what I can see, the best price is on Amazon for £11.50, click here for a nosy. For more information on this balm please click here

The Fashion Six 
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Simple Ways To Improve Blog Photography / #WeBlogSummer

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I don't know about you, but my favourite aspect of blogging is the photography. I don't think I'm the best at stringing a sentence together, I'd far rather be arranging my makeup palettes and pretending to be a photographer with my nifty Olympus PEN E-PL7! I seriously love that camera, I purchased it from Boots a few months ago and not only does it take amazing photos, it looks great too. I'm seriously considering dedicating a whole blog post to it!

In the meantime, I have wrecked my mind to bring you my top four photography tips that will dramatically increase the impact and overall look to your blog. Just a little disclaimer, I don't think I am the best at blog photography, there is always room for improvement, the following tips are things that I have found work well for me and I hope they work well for you too! For one thing, the photography on a blog is the very first thing that makes me click on a particular blog time and time again. Think Ghostparties, The Lovecats Inc & In The Frow. They sure know how to do it!

The number one photography tip (this should be number one in ALL posts such is this!) is...


Photography is one of those things that takes practice, a lot of practice, but the most simple thing can improve your photos immensely. If you take a photo in a darkened room or in false lighting and then take the same photo using natural light (either beside a window or actually outside) you'll not believe the difference! Taking photos is usually easier in the spring and summer simply because the days are longer and brighter, trying to get outfit photos for example in winter is a whole different ball game when it gets dark at 3pm! 

Here's a little example of a photo I took recently using my Olympus PEN near a huge window, notice the shadows that add depth...

How to improve blog photography


You don't need to get disheartened if you don't own a DSLR. Before I purchased my new Olympus I had a Cannon 1100D which wasn't great, I actually preferred to use my HTC phone camera because it was of similar quality. Don't believe me? here's the proof...

Taken with Cannon 1100D (DSLR)
Simple ways to improve blog photography

Taken with Olympus PEN E-PL7
Simple ways to improve blog photography

HTC One (phone)
Simple ways to improve blog photography

The moral of the story...

you can still take amazing photos using your phone! Most people own a smartphone nowadays like Apple, Samsung or HTC. Take your photos and use Dropbox to upload them onto your laptop quickly. Easy peasy, what a time saver! I'd use any three of these photos on my blog even though they have been taken by three different cameras because I am more than happy with the quality.


When I first started blogging my photos were fairly simple because I had never attempted to take photos like that before. Most of the time I had just a plain white background but recently I have started to add bits and pieces to add another dimension to my photos to make them more interesting. I'd use anything lying around the house to brighten up a photo and make it more interesting. For example, silk flowers, tops, magazines textured paper from the craft shop, lace and floor tiles. Honestly, the craft shop will be your best friend when it comes to up-ing your photography game. There are any amount of things you could use to add that extra dimension.

Here are a few examples...

Simple ways to improve blog photography
Use magazines for backgrounds
Simple ways to improve blog photography
Lace (a top) & silk flowers
Simple ways to improve blog photography
Again, a magazine & product packaging 
Simple ways to improve blog photography
Blur the background & keep subject in focus
Simple ways to improve blog photography
shoot photos from different angles for a different effect


A bit of help doesn't do any harm! I very rarely upload a photo to my blog without giving it a once over to make sure I am 100% happy with it. Even cropping the photo to ensure that the subject is in the middle of the frame works wonders. I'm not highly skilled at all so I don't go near photoshop, although I'm guessing it can be good to know how to work it to churn out some great edits! I always opt for Picmonkey as it is quick and easy to use. Editing doesn't have to take all day, nor does it have to be confusing! Honestly, if you haven't tried Picmonkey for free yet, head on over there.

Simple ways to improve blog photography

With Picmonkey you can edit just one photo or make a collage, I tend to adjust the brightness of the photo and increase the clarity for sharp, crisp photos.

If you have anymore tips pop them in the comments below or tweet me @thefashionsix 

The Fashion Six 

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Top Holiday Travel Tips / #WeBlogSummer

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So I was watching This Morning the other day and this weekend was apparently the busiest for Heathrow airport EVER with holiday makers travelling everywhere from the Costa Del Sol to New York. There is no better time to write a post like this as Britain goes mad to get away! 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

I have gathered up lots of travel tips over the years as every time I head away I always find myself searching websites and blogs online to find out how to make the journey easier and less stressful. There is nothing worse than that shampoo bottle bursting all over your clothes or getting to the airport and finding out that you have forgot your phone charger, or worse, your passport!

1. Take care of your skin

Getting a healthy glow on holiday is one of the perks of travelling abroad but there is a big difference in a 'healthy' glow and red lobster. Trust me, I have been there and it is  not pretty. It actually just ruins your holiday! 

I have pale skin so I wear factor 30, the only thing that annoys me about suncream is how greasy it feels on your skin and how long it takes to soak in. Last summer I purchased the Garnier Dry Mist sun cream (2 for £11 in Boots) and it honestly saves so much time as I don't have to 'air dry' before putting on my clothes or tankini. After being outside in the heat all day your skin can begin to feel rather tight, the Garnier aloe vera after sun is so cooling and refreshing to put on all over your body after a shower. This is one that I definitely wouldn't be without, I use it a moisturiser all year round as I love the smell of it.

 Not forgetting your face, I find a light toner and moisturiser like the ones from Simple great on holiday to get rid of that 'tight' feeling. The toner brightens my skin before applying my nighttime makeup and I apply the moisturiser before bed to prevent peeling. I am a bit paranoid about bugs and insects so I would usually throw a bottle of insect repellent in there too just to be safe. Although I haven't travelled anywhere with lots of mosquitoes for a good while, thank goodness!

 Us Brits just aren't used to the sun and the humid heat so it is worth investing some time and money into finding the right holiday skincare that works for you. I repurchase this mix of products every year before I go away. 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

2. Pack effectively

Now this sounds simple but it actually takes so much practice to get your packing just right! I am always so scared of my shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser bottles bursting in my case and going all over my clothes. This is a tip that I read online only a few weeks ago, wrap cling film over the top of the bottle and even if it does leak your clothes won't get ruined. For my holiday this year I will do this and put all my bottles into a plastic bag, just to be sure!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

Rolling your clothes, not folding them, is the best way to save space in your suitcase and to pack more efficiently. Honestly just try it, you'll be surprised just how much more you can fit in, and that can only be a good thing, right? You can definitely find space for that other pair of wedges! Rolling also prevents wrinkles and creases which is also a big win as I can never ever see myself standing ironing clothes in the hotel room before going out. Just no, never. There is more chance of seeing pigs fly.

Top Holiday Travel Tips

3. Hand luggage essentials

All too often I have spent all my time packing my hold suitcase and I have totally forgotten about my hand luggage. This obviously isn't ideal as the majority of your 'important stuff' is in your hand luggage, i.e., phone, travel documents and medication. I have started to leave everything out the night before ready to organise into my bag first thing. Put your holiday money in a practical purse with a zip and tell your bank when you will be away so they authorise your credit cards for abroad. Check and double check your hold bag and remember all small liquids should be in a clear plastic bag. Most airlines also only permit one of these per passenger.

Also don't forget any of the fun stuff to keep yourself occupied on your travels. I would get bored so easily and I could have a magazine looked through in 2 minutes flat! I was in London a few weeks ago and in my handbag I had my iPad, phone, a few magazines and a travel game. That kept me occupied for the hour, I have no idea how people do these super long-haul flights to Oz and the likes! I'd love to go there but the travelling is a major put off, boo!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

4. Make a checklist & don't forget the things you usually forget!

I usually charge my phone to 100% before I leave which means I disconnect the phone and leave the house with the charger still in the wall. It's zero banter having no battery after two days let me tell you! Plasters and blister patches are a must if you are planning on doing some walking. I take this Party Feet pack with me every time I go away just in case those new wedges rub the heel off me! Carex hand sanitiser is great for carrying in your bag the whole time you are away and they are small enough to be allowed through security. You never know where you might end up and I don't fancy eating that baguette after being out all day with no soap!

There are numerous holiday checklists online that you can find with a simple Google search (or click the link), print these out or make a mental note and tick things off as you go along. Easy peasy. 

Top Holiday Travel Tips

5. Holiday-proof your makeup

When I go abroad I usually find that liquid foundation just doesn't work on my skin. It makes my face feel oily and it is just too heavy to wear in the humid heat. My favourite makeup to wear abroad is the bareMinerals READY foundation, it is a powder which is light and mattifying. This teamed with the bareMinerals Prime Time primer ensures that my makeup lasts all day!

If you would rather, a BB cream would be a great choice if you wanted something with light and dewy coverage. I only like to wear a little bit of makeup when I am away, a quick dusting of bronzer, blusher and a swipe of a mascara wand does me fine. Don't feel like you have to take your whole make up bag with you, scale it down to just a few essential products to save yourself any hassle. The less you take the better as I have opened my case many a time to find a smashed MAC blusher!

Top Holiday Travel Tips

Don't forget to check out the third instalment of #WeBlogSummer by Bronagh, Becky & Kayleigh

 You can also read everyone else's post by clicking here

The Fashion Six 

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FASHION // New Look Oversized Blazer

New Look oversized blazer

One thing I am la la la loving is a good oversized blazer. You reallyyy need to be in the mood for wearing a fitted one as they can be so restricting and half the time I feel like ripping it clean off my back because of this. This is definitely the solution as it is so comfortable to wear and goes with most things.

One thing I needed this season was a good jacket/coat that wasn't too heavy and one that I could throw on top of anything. I went rummaging in my wardrobe before I bought anything and came across this. It is New Look's finest and it's a great colour as I nearly always wear dark navy blue jeans and the contrasting lapel matches perfectly. Another thing I like about this is the length of it. I have plenty of shorter, fitted blazers but none of this style. There's a first for everything!

New Look oversized blazer

So here comes the bombshell, remember I said earlier that I felt like ripping a fitted blazer off my back? Well, I bent down in work to pick up boxes and yes you certainly guessed it.


Why is it when you get something you love it either shrinks in the wash, you loose it or you do something outright stooopid and rip it to pieces? So obviously feel like crying in the corner now.

On the upside, I'm hoping that New Look has a new version of this for S/S '15 because I will certainly be buying it and making use of my last few months of having student discount. All is not that bad, I just like to exaggerate.

New Look oversized blazer

I must of course mention my little Louis, I purchased this in Monte Carlo three years ago as a treat to myself (never ending!) It is the Damier Azur leather Speedy 25 which is surprisingly roomy even though it is visibly smaller than the Speedy 30. I thought it would make a good evening bag as a clutch is too small to hold all my belongings, to be honest I have got a lot of wear out of it! If you are thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing your first Louis I highly recommend this, or the slightly bigger version (which isn't much more expensive) as it just never dates, loving the classics over here!

Thank you for reading, must dash!

What do you think of this River Island peplum jacket? Or possible this coral summer dress is more your thing?

The Fashion Six 

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#WeBlogSummer // Summer Holidays - Lake Garda, Italy

Wowza, it's week 2 of #WeBlogSummer already, so not liking how fast the weeks are going in but anyway, this week on the blog it's all about those summer holidays that us Brits crave. I'm a lover of the sun even though I don't take to it too well (think lobster) so I look forward to jumping on that plane every year to jet off somewhere nice. Last year I visited Lake Garda, Italy. Let's do some reminiscing with a few photos, promise I won't bore you with a lengthy photo-heavy post! These are just some of my favourite snaps from the week.

Lake Garda Italy

I love the little quaint shops you find along the cobbled streets on holiday. Not that I would buy much because of the pesky luggage weight limit but still very pretty to look at (and to take photos of).

Lake Garda Italy

The mountains along the river itself were so picturesque and there were any amount of little cafes to sit and enjoy the view. It really was like paradise and I took my nifty Cannon to try and take a few good photos, of course it didn't do the place justice!

Lake Garda Italy

Lake Garda Italy

Lavender... so much lavender...

Hugo Spritz and Aperol Spritz

One thing that I noticed when I was in Italy is that nearly everyone had one of these in their hand before or after their meal. The Hugo or Aperol spritz is a refreshing alcoholic drink and I was actually  addicted to them the whole time I was there! I'm not a big alcohol lover but this is very light so it made a nice change to the usual sparkling water and ice. 

Verona, Italy

Romeo and Juliet Verona Italy

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? 

Check out Juliet's balcony and the love locks. Verona was a beautiful and historic city! Perfect for a geek like me!

And after writing that I am more than ready to jet off again, this year I have booked to go to Nice, France which is by far my favourite place on EARTH. I really love travelling, I just wish I could go more often and have the guts to travel further, maybe some day!

Where are your favourite holiday destinations? Tweet me @thefashionsix I'd love to know!

Also don't forget to check out other #WeBlogSummer posts written by Bronagh, Jayde Danielle & Kayleigh

The Fashion Six 
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